idle and fond bondage

Some are born BSsers, some achieve BS, and some have BS thrust upon ’em.

With apologies to William Shakespeare, it would seem to this humble corner of cyberspace that Tim Frounde, CEO of Sokoman (SIC.v) falls into the latter category of the three and is not at all cut out to run a TSXV pumpjob company. After all, if you’re a guy who just hit an excellent gold assay hole, reported it, got the promo community slavering over the hit, got his company cashed up as the Eric Sprott headless chicken investment strategy kicked in… that guy does NOT follow up with NR number two if he’s a real live TSXV BSser by writing things like:
Like many structurally controlled gold deposits, this will entail a lot of drilling – likely, closely spaced.
That’s way too honest. Tim, you’re ruining the pumpjob. The Vancouver louts in Panama won’t be happy.  NR here.

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