Take physic, pomp

Somebody has to call out this lout Jim Sinclair….

…and it may as well be me, even though I know what kind of hatemail can come of it from his fanatics. So for the record….

1) ….if you’re not a regular mailer don’t expect your mail to be read for the next few days unless you make it clear in the title line you’re not a Sinclair wingnut.

2) …..no comments left under this post will be published, not even people who might agree with me.

With that clear, I was just sent the article below by a regular reader who simply commented “what an asshole”. Once I’d read it I thought ‘asshole’ was being kind. This is the same Jim Sinclair who made a point of offering his “hand to hold” at anytime his flock wanted to hear soothing words about gold. The same Sinclair that makes believe he’s a simple public servant. The same Sinclair that made a point of saying his “Mineset” website had no affiliation with his company Tanzanian Royalty Exchange (TRE) and would make no pitch for people to buy shares.

It’s not just the fact he doesn’t want to play hand-holder any longer, it’s the way he lashes out at the people he attracted with all this “I’m here to help” music. The arrogance, assumed superiority and outright nastiness in the article below is overwhelming.

One human being has no right whatsoever to talk to another human being like this. It’s totally wrong. And then at the end to try and flog his “compendium” (whatever that is…don’t have a clue as to what, where or how much) on the back of a guilt trip and as piece de la resistance hook the crowd in as registered shareholders of his company, TRE…well that’s despicable after all he’s said previously.

The man comes across as a boy; an immature, pouting capricious kid throwing a tantrum. Really, it’s embarrassing. Apologize, Sinclair.


Dear Comrades In Golden Arms,

It has to be a plot to drive me insane.

I get questions every day from gold guys asking what happens if deflation rules the day. It reminds me of the attack of the Prechterites that comes every time gold reacts 2%.

How many times do I have to repeat myself? Hyperinflation is a currency event brought about by a collapse in business activity, offset by QE in any of its many forms, throughout all of history without exception.

We are already in “deflation ruling the day” because deflation is debt failure. Are you blind? Did you not see GM debt fail totally yesterday?

Chrysler is gone. Don’t think for a moment that Ford is not having potentially terminal problems from their credit division and sales as well.

Deflation is today. Debt implosion also includes OTC derivative failure. Once again, are you blind?

97% of you do absolutely nothing in return for the mind blowing amount of work I do for you. I wonder if you read this even though we are a top rated site in a number of Google categories. 98% of you have nothing whatsoever to do with anything else I do. 95% of you drop in occasionally and are too lazy to read so you just write in asking questions that have been covered literally one hundred times.

I have shared my wisdom with you. I have given you a search on the website but you ask the same basic questions day after day after day. I have offered you a Compendium of everything you ask but the amount of people who have purchased it is a major disappointment to me. If you value this site then you need to purchase a Compendium. This is what keeps us up and running and we cannot continue to do it without these sales. We are not for profit, we simply use the money to cover our costs. The amount of information included in any of the Compendium packages is unmatchable for the price, and allows JSMineset.com to continue into the future. Think how much you are getting by supporting us and Click here to go to the Compendium Order page…

I will no longer answer the same questions continually. Readers have the obligation to do some research as I have given you all the tools to answer every question that is put to me in the God awful amount of emails and faxes I get every day.

My registered stockholders have an absolute right to my time without exception to inquire with me on any subject and to receive my answer. From this moment forward only REGISTERED TRE stockholders have absolute right to my time on whatever subject they require help on. There has to be a triage, or no one can maintain this degree of workload.

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