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South America GDP growth in 2011, by country

With the last of the regional central banks now reporting their preliminary numbers (note that final GDP growth figures aren’t set in stone for a couple years), here’s how the South America country GDPs now look for 2011:
Top regional growth was seen in Argentina, which cocks a snook at all that death from inflation talk yet again. Let’s face it, all the dumbasses in suits (aka economists) have been calling for the imminent demise of the Argentine economy year after year and their lapdogs in the press keep churning out the doomtalk, good little puppies they are. Therefore you can guarantee that another dose of reality in 2011 won’t stop them from the party line in 2012. When faced by facts that disagree, dumbasses in suits simply ignore them.
South America’s commie lefty bedwetters would also like to apologize for placing Ecuador in second spot for 2011 growth, despite that lack of FDI which (we were told) would be vital for the country. Errr, no. It wasn’t. 
Then come “the friendly countries” Peru, Chile, Colombia, Uruguay. Then comes Bolivia, posting a very decent 5%+ growth number. Then we have Venezuela and Paraguay and finally, the market darling Brazil and…errr fund manager dudes…change the record please?

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