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Southern Copper (SCCO) today

Today on the ConfCall, Southern Copper (SCCO) told those present that they expect to receive the construction permit for Tia Maria this year. A better example of an official lie is impossible to imagine.
  • They have to say it (they’re in the bond market, after all)
  • Nobody believes it (not even the company heads, who get told by the Peru government it’s not going to happen anytime soon)
  • Analysts covering SCCO won’t call it out in their update reports for fear of upsetting readers (because they are whores)
  • Lather rinse repeat 2019 (and yes, of course everyone will be disappointed it didn’t show in 2018, but things can only get better now right?)
Let us be crystal clear about this: There is more chance of Conga going ahead than Tia Maria. There is more chance of President Trump admitting he was wrong about something and apologizing in public. There is more chance of the hole in my ass healing up than the Tia Maria construction permit being awarded under present circumstances. You may not like it, you may not agree that the locals in that spot in the world are against the project, you may question their true motives, it does not matter. Not gonna happen folks, and at least one person needs to tell you the unvarnished truth about SCCO and its people, who are lying to you.

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