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Spam scam mail of the day

Received today. Apparently, this nice mister Benny Tao wants to sell me 22.4 Karat gold at U$19,000/kg. That’s U$590.90 an ounce, so subtracting the 6.66% difference of this stuff to normal spot gold quality, at today’s spot price of U$1,100 that nice mister Benny Tao is offering us all a discount of U$436/oz on an ounce of gold.

What could possibly go wrong?


We are contacting you to know if you would be interested in buying our precious metals.We are licensed marketer , exporter & miner of Precious Metals : Gold AU Dust & Rough Diamonds in Republic of Guinea & Republic of Cote d’ivoire of West Africa. We are end-seller for the below commodity .


a) Commodity : Aurum Utalium (AU)

b) Form : Gold Bar/Dust, 22.4 karat

c) Purity : 99.9% plus – after refinery

d) Quantity : 350 kilos (Monthly Delivery) / 10 – 50 kg for trial shippment.

e) Delivery : CIF Buyer destination.

f) Assay : Final assay to be made by the buyer refinery
and this assay value will be accepted by both buyer and Seller

g) Origin : Guinea Conakry & Abidjan Cote d’ivoire

h) Price : 19.000 dollars/ Kg

If you are interested in our offer, kindly let us know.


Mr Banny Tao

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