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Special post for Peruvian readers: This logo is for you, guys

Of course Peru is a serious country. Whatever makes you think that people won’t rip you off left, right and centre on the slightest pretext?

This story is getting massive coverage in Spanish language Peru press today and has been confirmed as true. Thye’re now talking of jailing the woman who thought of the ruse for four years….but no worries about the millionaire bribes that politicos are pocketing while this scandal keeps the chattering classes occupied. Here’s the only EngLang version of it I can find so far, from the Peru-On-Prozac-Only-Good-News-Please site, Living In Peru.

The story of the theft of a lung of the exhibition “The Human Body. Real and fascinating” that captured everyone’s attention in early October, was actually a farce, that was aimed to generate greater ticket sales, according to the local TV program “Prensa Libre.”CONTINUES

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