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Spellcheck Wednesday: It’s a credibility thing, Enders

Spelling mistakes happen (hey, my keyboard dyslexia should be clear by now to regulars), but you kinda expect serious media outlets to make the effort and spell things correctly. Down on this side of the Darien Gap the classic offence is to spell Colombia with a ‘U’, making it out to be a university in the USA or part of a regional name in Canada. Here’s an example with thousands more available. Typos of South American things can sometimes be put down to genuine mistakes. Here’s an example from Reuters today with “La Oyoya” instead of the correct ‘Oroya’ (though admittedly they get the word right one line later). These are the ones that you shrug and go “yeah well, errar humanum est” and you know that when they correct, Reuters are straight with you and will mention in the leader that a correction has been made.

However there are others that speak volumes. For example, our old blue-eyed whitey pal John Enders is talking nonsense in The Miami Herald again today. Reader ‘James’ sent in this link to Enders’ latest ball of crud published yesterday. James also said in his mail that;

Enders strikes again, this time with serious mis-representations about the new Bolivian constitution, community justice, conditions for modifying the constitution and Evo’s re-election.

Well said James, but it is telling how Enders’ bigoted attempts to sound like an authority on the region get blown asunder as he can’t even spell the word “Quechua” correctly. Here’s the excerpt from Ender’s copy:

“…government’s public administration school would begin training bureaucrats to speak Aymara, Quetchua and Guarani….”

The clear disrespect towards indigenous continues with his incorrect spelling of GuaranĂ­ (for those with an eye for accents). This guy cares so much about slagging down Evo Morales, but when it comes to anything approaching a fact on those strange brown people that surround him at every turn (bar of course his idea of the promised land, downtown Santa Cruz) he just shows himself for what he is; a dumbass.

A good reporter tells people facts and lays off his own prejudices. John Enders cannot do either of these. Pathetic work from a country that, due to the likes of John Enders, suffers from a near-complete lack of English language accounts on the reality of matters.

UPDATE: El Duderino rips the Enders piece to shreds right here.

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