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(Spoke too soon) A death at Tia Maria today

This a translation of this report from a local news service, just out:

Confirmation Of First Death After Confrontations in Tambo Valley 
Victoriano Huayna Nina, 61, became the first mortality of the strike action in the Tambo Valley, protesting against the Tia Maria mine project. 
The victim was injured during the confrontations this afternoon between farmers in the valley and police officers in the area around the Pampa Blanca bridge in the Cocachacra district 
The injured man was taken to the Manuel Torres Muñoz hospital in Mollendo, where he arrived in a critical state, where he later died. He body was taken to the hospital morgue. 
The head of the Islay Health Service, Walter Vera, confirmed the time of death at around 5:40pm. The victim died of wounds to the right leg.

Because a 61 year old farmer is a terrorist, or something. Right SCCO? And for what it’s worth, since posting earlier about two reported injuries, a whole bunch of new reports about injured people and arrests have come in, including the arrest of the woman mayoress of a local town during on of the protests. Because democratically elected lady mayors are mining terrorists, too.

UPDATE: Señor Huayna Nina died from shotgun pellet injuries, apparently. And new reports put his age at 62.

UPDATE 2: Now national news

UPDATE 3: According to the police general in charge of the regional police force (quote unquote), “...Victoriano Huayna did not suffer bullet or pellet impacts. According to the police chief, the victim fractured his leg and the bone cut through an artery.” Which may be true. If so we can add it to the impressive number of unlucky accidents protesters tend to have around Peruvian police officers.

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