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Standing up to bullies, Porter Stansberry edition

Hey folks, remember that defamation lawsuit that the proven securities fraudster Porter Stansberry opened against this humble corner of cyberspace earlier in the year? Well the news is…no news. First he opened the docket in late April, then came a flurry of additions, but since late July there has been absolutely nothing added to the docket. Not a sausage for 102 days.
And that’s what happens when somebody who tells the truth about these scumbags stands up to them and is not cowed by their bullyboy legal tactics. These cockroaches suddenly realize that they don’t want the truth about their scumbag ways to go on a legal record, they realize they’ll just flush a whole bunch of their ill-gotten gains down the toilet in legal fees and, most important of all, they cannot win. And so they scuttle off out of the light and pretend it didn’t happen, like the true cowards they are.

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