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Stanford and drugs: an interesting coincidence

There’s a lot of speculation and chatter about possible connections between Cur Allen Stanford and the heady world of narcotrafficking this morning, but away from pure jawboning there is a solid and verifiable link between Stanford and the world of drugs.

However, it’s…err…ahem…on the other side of the ….errr…coin. A guy called Tom Raffanello is (or perhaps was) head of the Stanford Financial Group security department. The thing is that once upon a time……errrr…..how can I put this?…hmmmmm….he was head of the Miami DEA! Yep, true, here’s a link to Google returns that show our friend Tom was a DEA guy way back then.

Now, of course, we all know that the Miami DEA fight drugs to man and never take bribes and don’t have the slightest suspicion of wrongdoing in their illustrious and squeaky-clean history.

All the same, quite a coincidence, n’est pas?

Full IKN Stanford coverage found here

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