Take physic, pomp

Stansberry Research buys Casey Research

This is good. Lump all the scum into one box. Easier to avoid them all.
UPDATE: To stop the mails:
1) Yes it’s true. I’m not making this up.
2) Sadly, some scumbags are not going in with the package. Marin Katusa has started his own thing, called “Count Dracula Research” or something (check the photos, you’ll see what I mean, example below).
3) Also Porter Stansberry may be a scam-runner but at least he has some taste as he’s canned David Galland. Oh wait, sorry, that’s “Galland has decided in a purely voluntarily manner to retire after a long and successful blah blah blah” etc etc.
4) As for the price of the deal, I have no idea. Best guess a box of Cuban cheroots, compulsory purchase of three of those perma-vacant lots at the Estancia in Argentina and assume the Casey Research bank debt. But that’s just a guess.

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