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Start your day the Salazar Way: A smile, a cheer and a cease trade order

Now here’s a different one. The BCSC, revelling in its new muscular “we’re gonna clean up this town” persona, has just slapped a cease trade order on Salazar Resources (SRL.v) because it doesn’t much like the contents of SRL.v’s Feb 2009 technical report and says it doesn’t come up to standard. If you feel like downloading the report in question, go find it on the Salazar page of SEDAR (it’s 42Mb, be warned) but all you really need to know is alluded to by SRL in this morning’s NR:

” On September 10, 2010, when it issued the Cease Trade Order, the BCSC advised the Company that it continued to have significant concerns about the Amended Technical Report and the qualifications, objectivity and independence of the author thereof. “

So the BCSC picks on Fredy Salazar, a guy known as one of the better, straighter shooting and more honest dudes in the junior mining sphere. I’M GOOD WITH THAT! I like this new aggressive BCSC and I like the fact they’re going after anyone who’s been lax with the rules (according to themselves, at least) and reputations can go hang. Meanwhile, SRL gets a serious image-slapping and its shareholders have a few days to wait and wonder what the stock is going to do once it gets out of hock. DYODD.

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