Win us with honest trifles

Starting tomorrow, a one-week pair trade for hedge funds: Long Newmont/Short Barrick

It’s not for financial weaklings and grunts like me though, this is a bigboy trade. What with Barrick (GOLD) beating today on all metrics and flying, and with Newmont (NEM) these days sharing all of Nevada operations and Pueblo Viejo with Barrick, as GOLD beat today then NEM will beat on Feb 24th when it reports:

IKN will now stop pretending to move’n’shake and get back to covering minor scandals in tinycaps run by scumballs. Have a pleasant evening.


    Yeah man, stay in your lane.


    Finding scumbags amongst the micro juniors is an oxymoron. They are all crooked helped by Canaccord, Hayweird, Goldman Sucks, etc.


    […] last week, which posited that due to the close correlation of Newmont (NEM) and Barrick (GOLD) operations these days […]


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