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Stephen Kotkin on “what is war”

This was recorded on January 14th, 2022. Check out minute 41:30 onward. quote below:

“War is not what we think it is anymore. War is not “I shoot artillery, you shoot artillery, I shoot a missile, you shoot a missile.” War is about doing things like making cities unliveable and forcing millions of refugees to flee. It’s about shutting down communications systems, transportation systems, right? It’s about shutting the lights off and shutting the power off, blowing things up and saying “I didn’t do that“, it’s about decapitating the leadership. War is about eliminating the other society’s ability to function, not just the battlefield. It’s the society that’s the enemy, and so in a war game you don’t invade, you turn a country off, you make a country unliveable.”

YouTube here.

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