Take physic, pomp

Still don’t believe that US reporters lie to you about LatAm?

Well read this.

Some idiot who thinks he’s special because he got hired by The Washington Post named Joshua Partlow has been conclusively shown as a know-nothing liar and peddler of proven falsehoods that were ordered retracted by court order over a year ago. And surprise surprise, Partlow was spreading BS muck about…wait for it…….roll on the drums….yes….you’ve guessed it already…Venezuela, Bolivia and Ecuador! Wow, shocker, huh?

All this thanks to the diligent work of excellent (and I’m proud to say long-time linked here) blogs Abiding In Bolivia and The Mex Files (and their own mini-eminence gris Utpal.) Click on the blognames to find the full exposés to Partlow’s lies. Good work, guys.

So Joshua, you receive an award that so many professional journalists who read IKN have deserved this week. All yours, dumbass:

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