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Stinking rich in Latin America

Just how many really, really rich people are there in LatAm? To find out, we check the 2011 Annual Report from rich people counters “Wealth-X” and get this chart as a result. Here we see the top ten countries in LatAm by number of people with a net wealth of at least U$30m:
So if you want to hang with loaded neighbours, hightail it to Brazil. Meawhile, I can only assume they left Panama off the list because either 1) it was unfair competition or 2) the stinkin’ rich people who live there….errr…don’t actually live there.
By the way, that Wealth-X report covers the whole planet, not just LatAm.

UPDATE: To answer Utpal in the comments section here’s how the ranking goes per capita, with country populations taken from the CIA World Factbook (a good source for these things). Please note that this per capita ranking is unlikely to be complete and only covers the ten countries above. For exmaple, I’d expect Uruguay (pop under 4m) to rank highly on a per capita basis.

rank country rich per million
1 Chile 43.94
2 Peru 26.23
3 Mexico 25.22
4 Argentina 24.88
5 Brazil 22.97
6 Dom. Rep 22.30
7 Guatemala 21.99
8 Colombia 19.91
9 Ecuador 18.07
10 Venezuela 17.83

We do this by number of richies per million of population and as expected, Chile wins (and by quite a distance) with 44 per million. Peru ranks highly, which isn’t surprising if you have an inkling on how stinking rich some exclusive places in Lima really are.

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