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Stock Pump of the Year

This is fun. Green Laser Reviews, the site dedicated to tracking huckster stock promos, is out with a “2010 Best of the Worst Awards” today to highlight the most shamefaced pumpjobs seen during the course of the year. Much to our pleasure, GLR has chosen Porter Stansberry’s Nautilus (NUS.to) scam as winner of “Stock Pump of the Year”, the very same BS job IKN noted earlier in the year when the whole sheep-shearing episode took place. Here’s an extract:

“Stock Pump of the Year”

awarded to Stansberry & Ass. for
“Underwater Gold Sands”

The Green Laser Editorial Board unanimously decided to single out this well-orchestrated, exquisitely circumlocuted, letter-of-the-law promotion as the past year’s most ingenious example of copywriting telekinesis, which purely by accident CONTINUES

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