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Stockhouse’s subtle marketing push

Although not a member of the ‘Stockhouse Community’ myself, I was forwarded this mail pasted below from the Stockhouse people by A.Reader this morning. The interesting bit has been highlighted by your humble scribe in red


Dear Valued Stockhouse Member,

I want to personally let you know of some exciting changes coming soon to Stockhouse.

New Editorial:

We will soon be launching two new editorial columns; a “short” report showing you some of the market’s biggest scams and overvalued stocks as well as a weekly Q&A with some of the industry’s biggest movers and shakers. This will be sent to you weekly via email.

Website Redevelopment:

We are planning a redevelopment of stockhouse.com and we would love your feedback! What do like or dislike about the website? What changes or features would you like to see? Let us know – now is your chance to have your say!

Updates on what is happening at Stockhouse

Expect to receive future updates from me periodically. I want to keep each of you informed of what’s going on at Stockhouse.

Thank you very much for your continued support of Stockhouse. Please send me any comments or feedback.

Sincerely, Marcus

Marcus New
Stockhouse Publishing Ltd.

Or in other words, Stockhouse has just sent a very big advertising message to all the scammy mining juniors and scumball management teams hanging in Canada (and let’s face it, there are hundreds of those):

Dear Scumballs,

You have exactly one week to get yourself signed up as a sponsor of Stockhouse and sent us money every month else risk being exposed for what you are. However, if you sponsor Stockhouse your far less likely to get any spotlights shone upon you…….(ahem, cough, ahem).

Air kisses, Marcus New

Smart marketing technique, Marcus. IKN applauds your inverse scumbaggery and bets that Agoracom is kicking itself right now for not having thought of it first. Hey, I wonder if Thom “Never Met A Junior I Didn’t Like” Calandra will be in charge of the ‘short report’?

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