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Stockwatch does Barkerville (BGM.v)

Reader JG is kind enough to give a headsup on this slice of Stockwatch: (which smacks of the well-turned prose from their most excellent Caswell)

Barkerville snowman
Frank Callaghan’s Barkerville Gold Corp.
(BGM) perked up 3.5 cents to 44 cents on 153,000 shares. The company
has reassayed some of its Cow Mountain drill cores, boosting their
original grade by 20 per cent. Barkerville attributes the increase to
the property’s nugget effect. The company awaits approval to start
trucking Cow Mountain ore (near Wells, B.C.) to its QR mine and mill
near Quesnel. It has resumed mining at QR but has not yet restarted the
mill. The company produced two dore bars earlier this year, one in
January and one in February. With luck it will pour more soon.
Barkerville could use the revenue. After taking into account Eric
Sprott’s $15-million loan in October, the company should have about
negative $2.5-million in working capital. It will not have to begin
repaying Mr. Sprott until June. In the meantime, Mr. Callaghan can
continue promoting old Cow Mountain, his love of more than two decades.
He receives $240,000 a year for his work, which now includes teaching
his son, Sean, the business. Mr. Callaghan Jr. was given a nice raise
this year; he will receive $72,000, up from $37,000 in 2012. The company
has not said exactly what the younger Callaghan does at Barkerville,
but he did go to Germany last month to help promote. This month he
helped decorate the office door. Barkerville’s holiday snowman is
wearing a company hat, a Gucci belt

Y’see? You can do far better commentary on the promo scumbags than IKN, and all without resorting to a mouthful of swearing.

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