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Stop Peruvian Stupidity

It’s always funny until someone gets hurt

And then it’s just hilarious
Faith No More, Richochet

So today I get this comment from the a reader resident in South America (let’s just say):

Luchillo has left a new comment on your post “Peru: Does this look like a solid economy to you?“: We know you don’t like Peru, but unfortunately for you it’s doing far better than your Bolivarian friends…

This kind of mindset is what comes of of having too much ego, too much nationalistic pride, not enough insight and not enough basic common sense. In the world of the South American establishment-fed egoist, criticizing Peru’s government means I hold an automatic hatred for the country, its people, its food, its beaches, its mountaintops. It also means I’m some pinko communist Evo-Hugo-worshipper. That’s not what this is about, you silly little person.

What it’s about is not believing the crap you’re hypnotized with about this, that and the other. You are constantly told that Bolivia is doing badly economically and is on the verge of collapse. Look at the figures for yourself…y’know, pretend you have a brain and do it all independent like, dude… and you will see that’s wrong. You’re told non-stop that Bolivia is being irresponsibly managed. That’s also false. Look at all the macro numbers for Bolivia in the past three years and look at its exposure to the recessionary pressures to come and if you have an idea of how macro-numbers flow you’ll see that, although not perfect by any means, it’s being run well, it’s ready for the downturn and will get through just fine, much to the chagrin of those who think that lefties can’t run countries to the lasting benefit of their people.

Meanwhile, you’re told that Peru is some great white hope, is an oasis of stability and growth in a continent of fools. This is a highly misleading, dishonest and downright dangerous message that’s being propagated by the Garcia government and spoonfed to a sheep-like population by its friendly media. What I am saying here is nothing to do with love for nations and peoples. What I am trying to tell you is that Peru is also in deep trouble due to this world economic crisis, but its government is being extremely irresponsible in trying to pretend that everything is fine, Peru is in good shape and the world slowdown somehow won’t affect it. That’s false. Get it? It’s a lie! It’s not true, it’s bull, it’s blatant, populist propaganda, it’s whatever you want to call it. In fact, if you really want to betray a whole nation and leave the door open for that arch-dickhead named Ollanta Humala, what better way than to lie and fake your way through a whole government term of office and then send your whole country down the toilet just before the next presidential election?

Profess love for countries and live with hatred for others all you want, cos I don’t give a damn. But don’t tell me that the Garcia administration is being honest with you about the Peruvian economy and don’t confuse my abhorrance for Peru’s corrupt government with my feelings for the country, because they are poles apart.

Rant over.

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