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Sulliden Gold (SUE.to)

Here’s a chart of the last two months of Sulliden Gold (SUE.to) compared to the gold bullion ETF (GLD):
There must be a reason why SUE.to hasn’t zoomed and flown on the news of its environmental permit (EIA) approval from the government of Peru, because when it was granted the Canadian anal yst community lined up to tell us how important a step it was and how SUE.to had made a key advance to the project and how the de-risking would now shoot the stock price higher and how we were mere days away from Agnico Eagle (AEM) making its buyout move.
Could it be possible that the Canadian anal yst community is full of shit? Is it perchance that they don’t have a bleedin’ clue about the subject? Could their opinion be influenced by Stan Bharti’s…errrrr…”lobbying techniques”? Is the real story the one explained by IKN all this time, that the national government permit means diddly squat when you have the type of community opposition to a project as you have around Shahuindo and that the true chances of this one going ahead are between slim and none?
I think we should be told.

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