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Sunday snoozy newsy roundup

Panama: Observers report that the Presidential election happening right now is going off in a calm, free and fair manner. Isn’t it cool to notice that this type of report is the rule rather than the exception in Latin America nowadays?

Venezuela: A helicopter crash on the Venezuelan side of its border with Colombia has left 17 army personnel and one civilian dead. The toll includes the TO2 (Theater of Operations Two) border troops’ top general. No news as yet on how the accident occurred, but it’s a real nasty one no matter how it happened. QEPD.

Ecuador: With 90% of the votes now counted (it always takes forever in Ecuador, don’t ask me why cos I don’t know) Studmuffin has 51.8% of the vote. Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

Bolivia: Not only has the shady NGO ‘Human Rights Foundation’ been messing around in internal affairs and supporting illegal separatist movements, but it has also been operating in Bolivia without any permission or licences. Not registered, not declared, not anything. As thus another far-right wing destabilizing force will be chucked out of Bolivia and moan about freedom of speech and human rights. Alek Boyd, what a tosser.

Italy, and Berlusconi‘s wife has filed for divorce. Nothing to do with this region for sure (except that I found out about it in Clarín). Just a chance to go “ahahhahaahahahahah ahhhhahhahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!”

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