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Supatcha Resources (SAEI.OB): Why avoiding the OTC market for junior miners and why reading David Baines are both good ideas

Ace Canadian white-collar crime reporter David Baines of The Vancouver Sun is nothing less than obligatory reading for any investor interested in junior miners; Not only does he sniff out dozens of scumbags and their operations per year, but he also provides ongoing salutory reminders of  the number of scams and rip-offs just waiting for you out there, especially in the horrid US OTC Wild West show (an exchange that makes even the somewhat grimy TSXV look squeaky clean by comparison).
Baines’ recent series on an OTC scam is an excellent example, that of Supatcha Resources (SAEI.OB). Here’s the price chart of the stock….
…which makes you go “hmmmm” immediately, but when you start reading the background and what Baines has unearthed in part one of his report on SAEI.ob dated Jan 5th and then part two of the report on SAEI.ob dated Jan 6th, the scam, its players (topped off by well known Canadian scumbag Mario Aiello) and the way the sheep were led to the slaughter by promo bullshit is crystal clear. So three cheers for David Baines and a loud boo-hiss-boo to the BCSC, the ASC, the OSC and the RCMP for letting these scams continue in their own backyards.

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