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Susana Villarán is the new Mayor of Lima (probably)

Holy reds-in-beds, Batman! The Hoi-Polloi of Lima will be shaking in their boots to find themselves rules by a….sorry, can’t do it cos she’s not some raving hard lefty commie puppet. Susana Villarán, now looking very close to the winner’s circle for the race to be Lima’s mayor (58% of votes counted and she’s over 2% up….in the world of stats that’s getting very close to a lock), is a centre-left social democrat, an upholder of good things and someone who’s railed against Castro and Chávez more times than is necessary for a human with a brain to understand where she’s coming from.

Anyway, here’s the vote count so far, at 8:40am Monday Lima time. Gotta love Peru…compare the 120m votes that Brazil counted and published in four hours last night to the 60% of 5m votes that Peru has taken 28 hours to count so far. Time to throw the abacuses away, dudes.
Finally, way back in 2008 this humble corner of cyberspace interviewed Villarán. You can find that Q&A on this link to know more about her.

UPDATE: 2pm Lima time and the latest count with 65.188% of the votes officially registered is Vallarán 38.77%, Flores 37.18%. Data

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