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Swine Flu Update

Mexico City yesterday

For your average Joe such as I, with recourse to wiki pages to get a layman’s grip on all things H(number)N(number), history of the 1918 pandemic, the 1976 Prez Ford (probable) overkill etc etc, it seems there’s no reason to panic but there’s every reason for world health authorities and governments to move their contingency plans into operation. So this morning we have:
  • 68 confirmed deaths from swine flu in Mexico City
  • No deaths in Mexico City in the last day (the recent toll was one or two per day)
  • Confirmed outbreaks in Texas and California, USA
  • Confirmed case in Canada (who recently visited Mexico)
  • Mexico has cancelled all public meetings of all types for the next ten days
  • Countries such as Nicaragua, Colombia and Peru (amongst others) issuing health warnings and tightening health screens for incomings, especially from Mexico and the USA
UPDATE: Check out The Mex Files’ take on all this. After all, the dude is on site and knows what he’s talking about.

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