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Tahoe Resources (TAHO) (THO.to): Gabriel Friedman does the latest chapter nicely

On seeing the NR come through yesterday morning I thought it was more interesting than first meets to eye. You sometimes get anti-mining pressure group press releases on these matters and they are rarely more than op-eds, but the way in which three bodies have filed formal complaints to the BCSC just days before Pan American Silver (PAAS) is due to have its merger vote process is several steps up from the norm. So the idea was to post on it, but to be blunt the jetlag caught up with me and I fell asleep yesterday afternoon instead of working (on the sofa too, woke up with a painful neck).
But now that Gabriel Friedman of the Financial Post has covered the story, I get to take the lazy way out and refer you to his quality reporting (Friedman has grown on me in recent months, one of the best in the Canadian biz sphere and particularly among the mainstream media outlets). So here you go, click right here and read all about the latest chapter in the Tahoe Escobal snafu. Worth your time, mining person.

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