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Tahoe Resources (TAHO) (THO.to): The arrogance and conceit runs deep

How pleasing it was to hear that the Tahoe Resources (TAHO) (THO.to) Shahuindo mine in Cajamarca this weekend won an award for its community relations program. Also very puzzling too, because Shahuindo has been the scene of endless protests against the company by locals for the couple of years, the people around the zone fed up with TAHO’s two-faced attitude and promising things that never come to pass. We’ve seen roadblocks and ministerial committees arrive to try and sort out the bad blood, but then suddenly this…?
Yes indeed, as part of the “4th National Convention on Community Relations” organized and sponsored by “Grupo Hierro Comunicaciones”, Shahuindo got this award (and allow me to translate the blurb on the gong, “...for its actions of sustainable social management, that benefit the communities where the company has its operations.”
Very nice.
So who is “Grupo Hierro Comunicaciones”, you ask? A fine question indeed, because when you check them out you see that Grupo Hierro is a investor relations/social relations/communications company in Peru with clients such as…
Oh wow! Tahoe Resources! What a surprise! And not only that,but their main one featured top-left of the list, even in front of Barrick. 
Probably just a coincidence.

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