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Tahoe Resources (THO.to) (TAHO): So bad even Scotia couldn’t ignore it

Last night IKN called TAHO’s 4q16 “mediocre”, this morning it’s down nearly 8% but the funny thing is how the Canadian brokerage world all focussed on the crappy 2017 guidance and studiously ignored the crappy production numbers posted (because under-promise/over-deliver?). No folks, it’s not down today because the company is going to be disappointing in the future, it’s down today because it’s already in a mess. As seen yesterday…
…Escobal has been seriously underachieving for the last two quarters now (and seriously pissing off the locals by first ruining their houses and then lying though their teeth by pretending they’ve reached an amicable agreement with the people around the mine).
But the funniest one is how even Scotia called the NR contents “slightly disappointing”. For context on that please remember that the Senior Precious Metals Analyst at Scotia, Tanya Jakusconek, just happens to be on the Board of Directors of TAHO! Looks like she’s in for a shellacking from Ferrari Kev for not keeping her sales desk grunts on a tighter leash.

UPDATE: I’m sorry, did I say 8% down? I meant 13% down.

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