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Tales from the Axis of Evo

“Big plane?”
“Da. Very big plane.”

On an interest scale, this one rates a solid 9/10 Chez Otto. Direct translation from this America Economia report:
President Evo Morales stated that the Russian government has offered to install a maintenance centre in Bolivia to repair Russian planes that fly in South America.

The President said, during an official ceremony in Chimoré, Bolivia, that the Russian government via its Bolivian ambassador has offered to sell Bolivia an Antonov plane for Presidential use.

“My worry was that if we bought it and there were any mechanical problem it would have to go to Russia for maintenance. The ambassador told me, by recommendation from Russian President Dmitri Medvédev, that they should install in Bolivia a maintenance centre for all Russian planes that fly in South America“, Morales said.

According to a report published in the newspaper ‘Opinión’, Morales added that the Russian government offers to “unconditionally” invest U$5m to create the maintenance plant that may be built in Chimoré at the President’s wishes.

The government of Bolivia will ask for a loan from Russia, possibly for U$100m, to finance to purchase of arms and the new Presidential jet that would cost U$30m and be delivered in 2011.

Also, the Bolivian President confirmed the government’s intention to construct an international airport with a view to boosting tourism and improving commerce for the Chimoré zone with the rest of the country.

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