Take physic, pomp

Ten days

Ten days ago on IKN:

“If your chosen analyst, broker or fund manager can’t recognize the start of a bull market when it’s placed right before their very eyes, underlined, highlighted and lit up in bright neon letters (or simply refuses to tell you because you’re an unimportant retailer and they need to place the big money first) then you need to stop listening to the dumbass and find somebody who’ll make you money. The time for caution has passed.”

Ten day chart of GLD, GDX. GDXJ:

So, in ten days since you heard plain words on the zero-insight bullshit being peddled at PDAC by those  supposed experts, gold’s up 4%, GDX is up 8% and GDXJ is up 11% Your ‘umble scribe rests his case, m’lud. 

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