Take physic, pomp


The marketing department of IKN Nerve Centre™ (aka the wife) has told me to do this post. Now i may be a bit slow about some things but I’m not stupid enough to disagree with the boss, so here goes with a paste of this unsolicited testimonial from Subscriber ‘DC’ received this afternoon. Stock tickers have been removed.

Hi Otto

Just a quick note of appreciation for the latest copy – a high standard as ever but a couple of standouts for me personally.

1. The ‘tutorial’ on Fundamental analysis was high standard and most appreciated – thank you. Whilst this sort of thing could be overdone I do hope you consider continuing this in the future.

2. The specific analysis of XXX was VERY welcome. Although it is not one of your picks I bought into this …….. back in Apr 2009 and whilst I have done well it is good to see a methodical analysis of the current state of play.

BTW much kudos with your performance – very nice to see XXX AND XXX storming on (not to mention XXX).

A loyal and very satisfied subscriber.



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