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I get quite a few of this type of mail and have never gone the way of the big pump by using them, but today I’m going to give in to the egomassage temptation. So by way of some shameless promo here’s a nice mail I received yesterday from an IKN Weekly subscriber. Very kind of you “TL”. For a bit of context, the banter about Pediment has run between “TL” and myself on a couple of occasions and we also both highly rate the opinions of Mickey Fulp (go sign on to his freebie now). We also bought Troy Resources (TRY.to) (TRY.ax) at virtually the same time back in January and at virtually the same price….about 85% lower than it is today.

The rest was totally unsolicited testimonial and very gratifying to read at this end. If you’d like to read some more unsolicited testimonials, drop me a line and I’ll organize my inbox and send a few over (personal info cut out of course, but all kosher).

“…..(about) PEZ.to, I have been scratching my head lately about why it’s still so cheap (realizing of course that it carries some risks, though nothing unusual). It seems to be one of the few gold stocks following the usual summer doldrums. Is it all just the lack of news flow?

Anyway, Monday and Tuesday I found myself buying, ended up tripling my position. Hopefully that won’t bite me in the ass but it just seems so cheap, and the Mexican peso seems to be one of the few currencies which won’t likely get too stronger against the dollar (so their costs shouldn’t escalate too much on currency alone). You probably saw that Mickey Fulp wrote up PEZ.to recently, which carried some weight with me. As you know, in many of my investments I evaluate to a large extent using the opinions of others (maybe I’m better at assessing people than small miners) so a straight shooter like Mickey is good to “invest with.”

Speaking of good to invest with, how about that TRY.ax? I have been holding, it might even be my largest position at this point. What can I say but MIL GRACIAS. It has so much going for it and no big weaknesses. With its recent spate of great news and rising price daily, I won’t even cry over the fact that, having massively overweighted it earlier (against all diversification rules), I rotated some from TRY.ax into other miners just prior to the latest ramp. I fear my timing is as bad as you claim yours to be.

Still loving the letter, always chock full of good info and analysis. And you must realize it’s far more creative than the usual investment letter / report standard, which makes it more valuable and highly readable besides.

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