Take physic, pomp

Thank you….

….for all the hatemail. Seriously, why even bother writing if this blog is so unimportant to your world? At the last count there were about 14 squillion website to choose from (half of which are porno sites, I’m told. They’ll probably suit you better straight away).

Meanwhile, the hypocrisy of not speaking out against a military coup and subsequent and obvious restrictions on basic human rights in Honduras (e.g. if you don’t know what ‘habeas corpus’ means you shouldn’t even be opening your mouth right now) when you’ve tried to make it the anti-Chávez rallying cry for years makes clear that you simply don’t give a damn about anything South of the Rio Grande. Seriously, why are you pretending to care about Latin America? Why are you reading a blog about Latin America?

Or as this guy once said many moons ago when asked what the USA should do;

It is very difficult to give a precise answer. It is somewhat unrealistic, as a question. Perhaps the most frank and objective answer would be: Nothing. Nothing in all respects. Nothing for or against us. Just leave us alone.

Which is, I recall, strangely similar to something Malcolm X once said about the same group of people (though under different circumstances, of course……of course). So use your freedom of choice. Do not come back to this site ever again. You’re free to choose the hue of your media channel, a luxury that Hondurans don’t get right now.

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