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That EMX Royalty (EMX) discretionary bonus thing: Both company and Rick Rule speak

IKN tries its best to provide a public service to the industry and has noticed on manifold occasions that when cockroach companies and/or players get light shined upon them, they invariably scuttle away. The reverse is also true, of course: When people with nothing to hide are required to speak up, then speak they do. Further to the IKN coverage of the enormous and sneakily awarded $3.8m cash bonus for a deal closed on land in Russia (of all places), EMX had this to say for itself this morning:

Vancouver, British Columbia, November 30, 2018 (TSX Venture: EMX; NYSE American: EMX) – EMX Royalty Corporation (the “Company” or “EMX”)
provides additional disclosure regarding the US$3.8 million in bonuses
announced in its asset portfolio and corporate update on November 28,
2018. This additional disclosure includes a summary of the rationale,
approval process, recipients, and allocations related to the bonus.
The NR then goes to great lengths to provide details of the transaction and the discretionary bonus. And that’s good (it’s long, so use the link and read it all).
Also at the time, this humble corner of cyberspace also wondered what the large shareholders of EMX such as Rick Rule would think of the bonus handout. Now we have the answer, as Rule has offered up this on-record reply to your humble scribe:
“I am delighted with the outcome. This was a spectacular effort and outcome. The team worked well, and earned every penny. 

“As to the allegations that Michael Winn or Brian Bayley would preside over illegal payments, that indicates the ignorance of the accusers. Good copy perhaps, but factually absurd.”
So now you know.

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