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That horrible moment when you agree with The Economist on a LatAm political piece

And agree fully all the way down the line. Here’s TE on Ollanta Humala and here’s an extract:

OLLANTA HUMALA is Latin America’s political weather vane. A former army officer, in 2006 he ran for Peru’s presidency (and lost) as a sympathiser of Hugo Chávez, his campaign financed in part by Venezuelan money. In 2011 he ran again, this time as a disciple of Brazil’s left-leaning but pragmatic former president, known as Lula, calling for “a great transformation”. To win a run-off election that year he moved further to the centre, promising to maintain the liberal economic policies that helped to give Peru the fastest growth rate of South America’s larger economies over the previous decade.In office, that is what he has done, while recently drifting to a kind of mild populism of the centre-right—the default mode of Peruvian politics since the 1990s. His government has a schizophrenic quality.

Whole thing here. My only gripe: 95% of this piece could have been written two years ago.

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