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That other nasty man stole my money but it’s IKN’s fault actually and it’s just not fair

I get this kind of thing a lot, the price one pays for daring to point at naked emperors, I spose. They come via the mailbox (mostly) and they come via comments (sometimes) and I usually ignore them, but as I’m in a kind of slice-o-life mood this morning here at IKN Nerve Centre™ the love is getting shared for once. This was left by somebody called “anonymous” as a response to the recent post  “Canaccord’s Chutzpah”:

“It’s a fact Barrick paid $82/ounce for 25% of Cerro Casale reserves, is willing to put in about $4B capex to develop the mine. This isn’t opinion, rather history, and the quality of the mines isn’t appreciably different, Caspiche quite mineable, across all ore types about .55 g/t. And all junior stocks have been beaten up lately, some more than others. That you’re going into convulsions over analysis filled with real facts is unbecoming. The Canaccord analyst, as well as the geologists of the world, see real value in Caspiche. What are your qualifications to say a 19.3M P+P discovery, with 30.1M ounces gold equivalents, next door to similar major mining operations, is simply a pump? Maybe you also ought to think about all your name calling and gratuitous insulting of others, until you’ve demonstrated you put your pants on different than the rest of the human race. Otherwise, reading your article, you sound like a whiny old woman, in need of anger management treatment, have posted things quite unbecoming any intelligent person. 

Now, censor what I just posted”

Nope, not gonna censor you, gonna laugh at you. I think the only word that bugs me there is “gratuitous”, because the people noted in the post fully deserve a bit of light shone upon them (and it doesn’t come for free either, see para 1). Anyway, let’s check on how XRC.to (owners of the mentioned ‘Caspiche’ project) has been doing recently:

Aaaaaaaaah, that’ll be why anonymous is pissed, makes sense now. 
Anyway anonymous dude, whoever you are I have some decent advice for you so pay close attention: You’re not the type of person who should be running margin. The end.

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