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The 43 Mexican students

Holy mother of God. Here’s an extract from the Beeb report. Some Spanish language reports i’ve seen this evening are more detailed and…well, perhaps it’s best if there aren’t so many details…

Mr Murillo showed videotaped confessions by the suspects who said they had loaded the students into dumper trucks and taken them to a landfill site in Cocula, a city near Iguala.
About 15 of the students were already dead when they arrived and the rest were shot, according to the suspects.
Mr Murillo said the bodies were then burned with petrol, tyres, firewood and plastic in an inferno that lasted for 14 hours.
“The fire lasted from midnight to 2pm the next day. The criminals could not handle the bodies (for three hours) due to the heat,” he said.
He said that the suspects then crushed the remains, stuffed them into bags and tossed them in a river.
The suspects said they were not sure how many students they had taken but one said there were more than 40, Mr Murillo said. continues here

…because that’s more than enough detail, methinks. And now here’s a message for the investor relations people who represent junior mining companies working Guerrero Mexico: You try and tell the world that everything’s normal there and I’ll personally turn up at your office and break your nose with my clenched fist. You lying fuckers.

PS: Yes reader SP i do mean you, you ingratiating fucktard.

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