To quit this horrid act

The Ameduri/Neumeyer pump on Zinc One (Z.v) begins

Less than a day after IKN told you the score in this post, the paid pusher whore Daniel Ameduri began his campaign to pump the merry hell out of Keith Neumeyer’s Zinc One (Z.v). Here’s the Ameduri ‘Future Money Trends’ mailer from this morning:
The soft teaser beginning, but as FMT only has one zinc name on its roster there’s no doubt about the real game going on. Also no doubt, when the very centre of this pumpjob decides the time is right they’re going to give this thing both barrels. For one thing, Ameduri promised his dumb flock that if it didn’t make $1.30 by mid 2018 he’d close down his bucketshop. That and he has to keep his paymaster happy, as Keith has paid him $250,000 to run this thing at the world.

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