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The Argentina “dollar blue” and official exchange rate in 2014

There are always people hitting up IKN from Google, trying to find a chart and a recent quote on Argentina’s unofficial street rate dollar, the “Dollar Blue” (in fact known as “Dólar Blue” in exact local spelling). But they hit an old post and don’t find a recent quote so here you go folks, here’s how the forex has done in 2014 in a chart from here you can go and check in the future to be all up to date as well. You even get the official rate for the dollar on the chart, aren’t we useful?
Today, December 26th, you can buy a dollar on the streets of Buenos Aires for ArgP$13.38. The Blue peaked at ArgP$15.95 on September 24th. The trend is fairly obvious, but neither has it done the type of hell/handbasket move that the shrills were confidently predicting. So now you know. 

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