Take physic, pomp

The Argonaut (AR.to) hypnosis set to continue

Do these guys have porn photos of brokerages bosses with sheep or something? How can a serially underperforming gold producer with sketchy “growth” (term used loosely) assets like the marginal Magino and a San Antonio that continues to go nowhere (oh look, they’re “appealing the appeal” now) and the production profile of a gold miner with 1/3 of its market cap (no joke, 120k per year is Timmins Gold’s rate…check the valuations side by side) get continued brokerage love and affection otherwise? 
AR has “failed plan” written all over it, but that continued underperformance is studiously ignored by the Canadian brokerage cubicle whores, most probably on directives from the corner offices. It’s getting to the point where you have to ask why.

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