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The Axis of Poodle

This one stands to reason. In fact I should have seen it coming moons ago. Now that things seem to be winding down in Iraq (the USA will claim a technical draw like it did in Vietnam, I suppose), British ex-PM and world’s favourite poodle Tony Blair seems to be suffering withdrawal symptoms. With no more unjustifiable wars in the MidEast to apologize for, Blair has had a quick scan round the globe and found his methadone; Colombia.
I loved The Matrix, didn’t you? Great movie, all that adventure and
excitement and twists in the plot and ……err………………….stuff
Today EFE Bogotá reports that Blair is to take an advisory role and “make recommendations and suggestions regarding the final document concerning the Colombian government’s international political policy so that the country has a more audacious presence in the global community.” You can find an English language report on this link.

More audacious? Yep, this is the hands down winner of this week’s ‘Can’t Make This Shit Up’ award. I mean, even a expert in world-stage “misleading statements” such as Blair will have his work cut out explaining away ‘false positives’. In fact the less mentioned of Colombia’s seedy underbelly in polite circles the better it will be for the country. Colombia should be aiming for LESS audacious, not more, as flashing bells and whistles that might get mainstream media to (finally…..at LONG last) examine Uribe’s human rights record is not a smart tactic.

But Tony feels lonely and he’s found a war to stick up for. All in the name of freedom and democracy, as usual.

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