Take physic, pomp

The best single paragraph written about Egypt by a US citizen this week

The winner is James Howard Kunstler and this is it:

“Many here in the dreamland of Happy Motoring and Cheez Wiz are asking themselves why President Obama is waffling about the obvious tides of “change” now lapping over the ancient Kingdom on the Nile. How can he not believe in it? Why isn’t  Mr. O out there in front with a bloody bandage around his head, cheerleading for the street fighters? If you lay aside the subtleties, the answer is simple: nothing beyond the status quo of recent years is good news for America.”

Go read all his piece too, because anyone who recommends that you read the works of Gabriel García Márquez is wholly good by me. Link through here (and continued thanks due to reader ‘AS’ for making me aware of Kunstler).

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