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The big news from Argentina’s primary elections yesterday

Your humble scribe has been studiously avoiding any mention of the big Senate/Deputies election in Argentina yesterday, because after a pleasant few days of relaxation in the countryside, things like votes in silly countries don’t seem to matter much any more. But this story, kindly sent in by reader ‘GS’, has changed all that. This is the important stuff and must be relayed to you in English forthwith. Or fifthwith.
Voter Masturbates Inside Polling Booth 
After spending more than 15 minutes inside the voting room, authorities went in to see what was happening. He was caught while leaving the school. 

The voting room of Ezpeleta’s School 14, in the district of Quilmes, was transformed in a matter of minutes into the scene of shameful and disgusting behaviour. A voter was caught masturbating inside the vote room. 

A man had decided to satisfy himself while choosing the voting paper on which to emit his vote, but raised attention to himself due to the length of time he took to vote, according to the newspaper Panóptico Sur. 

The voter was arrested by police officers after masturbating in the voting room in the school building in which he had to vote. According to the local criminal prosecution authorities, the man had spent 15 minutes in voting in the election, which was why the vote overseeing official went into the room to check for any type of irregular behaviour. 

He was found with a used condom and with traces of semen spread over the voting papers. The woman official informed the police officers on duty who managed to stop the man at the exit.

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