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The bit that SinkingAlpha does well

Stuck in amongst the re-hashed posts from good commentators (that you can just as easily get at their own sites..learn RSS, people) and the mediocre guff written by people that are nothing but a herd of contrary indicators, there is one thing that SinkingAlpha does well and for which it deserves applause.

Here’s the link to go visit the SinkingAlpha transcript of Alcoa’s (AA) Conference Call from last night and it is well worth your time to read every word from the brass at AA. It is always a mistake (repeat always a mistake) to read about conference calls from a media report, as getting the information filtered through another person’s brain (and as we’re talking about finance reporters I use the word ‘brain’ in its figurative sense) defeats the whole object of a CC.

Reading the AA transcript will take you 10 or 15 minutes, but it is well worth it. You will learn much more from taking time and hearing it from the horse’s mouth than reading any words I or any other will throw at you. Go read it now, metalshead.

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