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The Borev Peeps Campaign: Time for that final push over the cliff

There are just two days to go before The Washington Post hits us with the finalists in their Peeps™ diorama competition and we need……nay we BEG you to get on board the Borev diorama promo campaign.

Here’s the info-packed post with all the details, above is the magic work of art, and this is the link to the all-important petition campaign. Borev is aiming for 10,000 signatures, so when you go over take a look at just how close he is to making that magic number…..AND JOIN IN AND SIGN ON THE LINE, DUDETTES AND DUDES. It only takes a minute and the love you will spread will be karmically returned to you in the course of your life, of that you can be sure.

Make this an Easter to remember for Borev and everyone that sails with him. Thank you in advance.

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