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The Buenos Aires train crash

We followed the events at Once station in downtown Buenos Aires, Argentina on Twitter when news started to break about the train crash that has left 50 dead and upwards of 700 people injured (some still in critical condition), but as soon as the news grew to international headline size this mouse-voiced blog let the issue drop. However, two days later there is something I feel like pointing out. Of the 50 dead, six of the people were Paraguayan, three were Peruvian, two were Bolivian and one was Chilean. Or in other words, nigh on a quarter of the deaths were suffered by foreign nationals living and working in Buenos Aires who made the commute to the centre from the generally respectable but less well-off areas of Southern Western* Gran Buenos Aires.
I still don’t know what to make of that statistic and I’m certainly not trying to lay blame (the current situation in Argentina, as no South American country I know of does anguish better than the Argentines) or saying that any one death is less or more lamentable than any other. It just strikes me that Buenos Aires, a cosmopolitan city to which people migrate in order to try and get ahead in life, is more of a part of South America than its native born residents would normally admit. 
Random musing over. Sincere condolences to any and all affected directly by this accident.

*ty to Ariel in the comments section for the prompt correction

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