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“The Buying Frenzy”: How Casey Research markets you to death, part three

On Wednesday August 12th in we showed you the first segment of the secret backroom document Agora/Stansberry/Casey Research uses to peddle its newsletters to you and transfer as much money as possible from your back pocket to theirs.
Yesterday Thursday 13th came part two, which had details of the technique they use called “The Gauntlet”, which is designed to pepper you with scores of different mails and marketing material until you give in.
Today we highlight what they call “The Buying Frenzy” and this is my favourite bit of all: If you harboured doubts about the cynical way in which these balls of scum go about their sordid business, read on and clear it up once and for all:
Gotta love how they avoid spending cash on female investors because (to quote), “They don’t have the emotional need that is required to set off a buying frenzy“. And how they’re zeroing in on baby-boomers worrying about retirement because they’re the ones who’ll waste their cash on not just one of their rip-off publications but several in that all-important buying frenzy.
And for the record, people unfortunately enough to be on Casey’s e-mail list have confirmed to me in the last couple of days that the quantity of unsolicited mails they’ve been getting from Casey Research has recently shot up to astronomical levels. Here’s an example of a mail from 5am this morning (!!!) a reader forwarded to me today that traight out of the “Gauntlet” playbook:
And for the record, the person who received this isn’t a paying customer of Casey Research and he’s not even registered with Stansberry.

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