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The C3 Metals (CCCM.v) scammer’s schedule is right on time

You couldn’t flag this pump and dump more clearly if you tattooed I WANT YOUR MONEY on Jamie Keech’s forehead. Exactly 121 days after the closing its placement C3 Metals (CCCM.v) returns its first drill results, coincidentally twinned to historic holes that were always going to grade. You cannot make this stuff up and, what’s more, the Twitter Morons these parasites suckle from are going to buy this bunkum. The cast of jokers in this ridiculous made-for-Vanc vehicle runs deeper than laughingboy Keech too, he’s just a moral vacuum looking to fill his empty pockets. The real money selling their shares while you idiots buy the news today are Brian, Kimberley and Fernando, look no further for the fattest pigs at this particular trough.


    Why is Kevin mentioned at the bottom of Kimberly’s bio?


    It is even better than that, there seems to be typos on the interval highlights table

    they hit 00m (0m) intervals, nice proof reading there!


    hardly twins, grade good, timing suspicious


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