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The Cannabis Wheaton (CBW.v) scam is falling apart

Word reaches this humble corner of cyberspace that the two brokers who were going to put the book together on the $80m placement for CBW.v have seen reason, looked a little more closely at the company and its assets and…they’ve walked.

There’s no placement. Dead deal. No money being raised. No soup for you, scamsters.

Now, you have to wonder how that Graham guy in Canaccord with his multi-millions of shares is going to do in order to change them into money. Sell on the open market now, Graham?? Hmm..what about you Hugo? Going to rush for the door before Graham, or Sferra and his large chunks?

IKN predicts: CBW will be a fun stock to watch on Monday. Poor retail won’t know what hit ’em.

Disclosure: No position whatsoever in CBW.v, not long not short not nothing, never had one and never will.

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