Win us with honest trifles

The Casey scamsters are going to pump PRD Energy (PRD.v)

Just so you know. Here’s the five year chart…
…and if you’re mad enough to pay for dumbass pump and dump information, go give your money to Marin Katusa now. He’ll say thank you and never give it back. Seriously, those scumbags must be desperate for cash to resort to bullshit pumpjobs like this. However, it does fit in with the bankruptcy rumours swirling around Casey Research.

PS: By the way, how this works is that the assholes running the pump make it clear to anyone who can use Google what they’re about to pump then assholes like me help them “create a buzz” before the real pumpo gets going. It’s a no-win for anyone outside scumbag central, because they’re going to clean up when they sell all the stock they’ve recently bought to the naive cannonfodder who’ll come in at a higher price. But at least it might stop you paying for the intel and keeping a few of the shekels out the reach of chief scamster  Doug and the manifold pockets of the Casey Research pumphouse. 

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